Certificate Programs

Music Technology Certificates

Certificate of Achievement

Audio Recording Production

This certificate prepares students for jobs in the field of audio recording and production. The curriculum includes in-depth study of recording arts from general study to production of a final product suitable for presentation within a portfolio. Students learn all aspects of the process from the perspective of a recording engineer to that of a performer.

Business of Music

This program begins with the fundamentals of intellectual property and contract law and expands to the strategies of exploitation of creative works in today’s marketplace. Students who complete the Business of Music program can apply their skills to professional positions in all facets of the entertainment industry.

Live Performance Audio

This certificate prepares students for jobs in the field of sound reinforcement and live sound production. The curriculum represents a range of course work that encompasses the technical and performance aspects of concert presentations. Areas of focus include public address (PA) system operation and maintenance, stage lighting/stagecraft, and concert production. Students study basic performance skills to understand sound reinforcement from both the engineer’s and the performer’s perspective.


Certificate of Proficiency

Digital Audio

This certificate is designed to expose students to concepts, tools, and procedures in the world of digital audio. Upon completion, students will be able to perform and complete data acquisition, editing, and production of basic audio presentations, and they will be oriented for utilization of digital audio software in the recording studio.

Music Technology

The Music Technology Certificate is designed to provide concepts and application of principles needed to successfully operate and maintain audio equipment. The curricula ranges from the recording studio to stage and touring. Upon successful completion a student will possess skills necessary for employment as an audio technician, producer, engineer and music products salesperson.

Performance Technician

This certificate introduces students to necessary skills for successful work in a theatrical arena that serves multimedia events. Students are required to take part in the technical as well as the performance aspects of both musical and theatrical performances. Courses focus on performance venue production.