Music Majors

Thinking about majoring in MUSIC at MiraCosta College?

There are a number of possibilities for students who want to pursue music at MiraCosta College.

Music Majors usually fall into one or more of the categories below:

  • Students who want to study performance and transfer to a university music program are majoring in Music Performance
  • Students who want to study education, composition, or therapy and transfer to a university music program are majoring in Music Studies
  • Students who want to study digital audio or recording arts to get training and certification are majoring in Music Technology 

Music Performance (AA Music Option 1)

Our music performance majors study in one of the two following areas:

  1. Jazz/Commercial emphasis in guitar, piano, drums, bass, saxophone*
  2. Classical emphasis in voice, piano, guitar, violin, flute*

* other areas of study may be available

Music Studies (for Music Education, Composition, and Therapy majors – AA Music Option 2)

This new degree plan was launched in Fall 2018. These students should register for 145AB/245AB and possibly individual instruction 144AB/244AB, depending on audition requirements from your identified transfer institution. View the new degree plan here.

Classes for the Music Major:

All music majors are encouraged to enroll in these four areas each semester:

Individual Instruction Program (MUS 144AB/244AB) / Performance Lab (MUS 145AB/MUS245AB)

Music Theory / Ear Training: MUS 100 (if needed) / 101 / 102 / 103 / 104 / 201 / 202

PianoMUS 121 (if needed) / 128 / 129 / 228 / 229

Performing Ensembles: MUS 150A / 152A / 161A / 165A / 166A / 170A

Music majors receive individual music lessons as part of our Individual Instruction Program (MUS 144AB/244AB). For information on audition requirements, click here. All Individual Instruction students also meet on Fridays from 10 AM – 1 PM for performance lab master classes (MUS 145AB/245AB) and concert hours. Every one of our students is also enrolled in a music theory class, a piano class and develop their skill by performing with one or more of the college performing ensembles.

Music Studies majors are required to enroll in at least two Performance Lab classes (MUS 145AB/MUS245AB), and are encouraged to audition for Individual Instruction as well,

Student Music Auditions take place during the final month of the previous semester, and then also on the Wednesday right before each semester begins, beginning with an informational meeting at 1pm followed by individual auditions. Sign up for an audition time today!