Music Lessons

Individual Lessons

  • Students in the Music Major Individual Instruction Program receive lessons and coaching in their area of study. Students generally receive weekly lessons over the semester.
  • Applied Scholars: are selected based on merit and receive weekly one-hour lessons. These students will register through SURF (MUS 144AB/244AB).
  • Students not selected as Applied Scholars may become eligible to receive MUS 144AB/244AB credit by enrolling in Credit By Exam after the semester has begun. To receive credit, students must complete 15 lessons and successfully passing an end-of-semester jury.
  • All Applied students will also be required to register for MUS 145AB/245AB. This is a weekly Master Class and Concert Hour on Friday mornings, where students will have opportunities to perform and receive professional and peer critique.
  • Visit the Music Major Lesson Program page for more details.