Music Major Individual Instruction Program

Spring 2020 New Student Auditions: 

  • Music Scholarship Auditions (video submission deadline 5 PM on Friday, May 15)
  • New Student Auditions (submit any time)
First, submit audition form and submission instructions will be sent to you. You should submit video of one repertoire selection, one major scale, and one major arpeggio of your choice.


Email Prof. Matt Falker for a Zoom help appointment or audition


Face to Face Student Auditions (if campus is reopened): Wednesday, August 19 at 1:00 PM (Room 2218)

Click here for more detailed audition information.


About our program:

The Music Major Individual Instruction program at MiraCosta College is the main focus for music students working toward the AA degree in Music , with focus on Music Performance, Music Studies, and/or transfer to a four-year degree program. Look over this worksheet AA Music Degree Plan for help with planning a path to your degree. All music majors should take part in the Friday Performance Lab classes (MUS 145AB/245AB) and audition for Individual Instruction (MUS 144AB / 244AB).

About our students:

Most of our music performance majors study in either of the following areas:

Jazz/Commercial emphasis* – guitar, piano, drums, bass, saxophone

Classical emphasis* – voice, piano, guitar, violin, flute

* instruction in other instruments may be available.

Every one of our students is also enrolled in a music theory class (or has completed their theory levels), and performs with one or more of the ensembles at MiraCosta College in preparation for transferring to a four-year university degree program. A piano class is also strongly recommended regardless of your major instrument.

Our music faculty:

All of our instructors have Master or Doctorate of Music degrees, and years of professional experience as performers. For many of our instructors, working with MiraCosta College music students is one of a number of other professional obligations they have, giving our students the advantage of seeing various music career options available to professional musicians.

Our expectations:

Because of the intensive one-on-one education MiraCosta College offers selected music students, we expect that students will demonstrate a full commitment to working on their musical development. This includes enrolling in other music courses during each semester, participating in ensembles, and working toward preparing for transferring to a university or music conservatory. We expect that you will practice consistently, diligently, and intelligently – for most of you, on a daily basis. We expect that you will apply the same professionalism in your individual lessons by respecting the short time you have been given with your individual instructor. We expect you to succeed – as a student, a musician, and a performing artist – and the faculty is committed to helping you achieve those goals.


How much does the Individual Instruction program cost?

Even though private lessons are quite expensive, you do not have to pay anything beyond the credit fee for the course.

I’m not a music major. Can I still take lessons through the Individual Instruction Program through Community Education?

The program is designed to give students the skills and specific preparation needed to earn their Associate degrees and successfully transfer to a four-year degree program, so non-music majors may find that the course content doesn’t meet their own personal goals.

How do I register?

You don’t need to do anything before your audition except practice! A few days after auditions are complete, we will contact you by email with your audition results. If you are accepted into the program, you will be assigned a private instructor and given a permission number to register in SURF.

How do I audition?

Students should plan to audition either during the last month of the current semester for the next semester, or on the Wednesday before the first day of the semester at 1:00 PM. The audition process will begin with an informational meeting presented by the music faculty. Immediately following will be individual auditions. It is strongly recommended that you prepare one piece on your major instrument so that the faculty can evaluate your level. You should also bring a copy of (or be able to access) your SURF schedule of classes, as you will also receive an individual advising session for your music major classes.