GE Music Classes

The Music Department offers a wide variety of courses that fulfill General Education Requirements for the college, and are accepted by CSU and UC schools for transfer. These courses are designed for both students who have an interest in various aspects of music and want to take a course for fun, and students who already have a background in music and may be considering professional performance and/or working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Music.

MUS 100 – Intro to Music Theory
fundamentals of reading and writing music and ear training

MUS 113 – World Music
study of various music cultures around the world

MUS 114 – History of Rock
history and culture of rock music

MUS 115 – History & Appreciation of Western Music
history of music through the centuries

MUS 116 – Musics of Multicultural Americas
history and culture of various American music

MUS 119 – History of Jazz
history and culture of jazz music

All General Education courses are three units and most are offered in a variety of delivery methods, whether fully face to face, fully online, or a hybrid (combination of face to face and online). The music department also offers more advanced courses in music theory and ear training (MUS 101,102,103,104,201,202). While they are designed primarily for music majors, many students with musical backgrounds take these courses to further their knowledge of reading and writing music.