For up to date information on Degrees offered by the Music Technology Department, please check the MiraCosta catalog.

Associate Degree

MiraCosta College’s Music Technology Program offers the following associate degree:

Audio Recording Production

Students planning to earn an associate degree should meet with a MiraCosta College counselor before or early in their first semester to identify courses that meet degree requirements. The associate degree listed above require completion of a Certificate of Achievement in addition to general education courses specified in the MiraCosta College catalog. General education courses required for an associate degree vary depending on the desired discipline.

Certificates of Proficiency

Certificates of Proficiency are designed to be the first step in a career ladder. They are short-term certificates, typically requiring fewer than 18 units of course work, which introduce students to one aspect of a trade or occupation.

  • Digital Audio

  • Music Technology

  • Performance Technician

  • 15 units

  • 16 units

  • 17 units

Certificates of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement are designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment in specific career areas. The total units required for a certificate varies with each discipline

  • Audio Recording Production

  • Business of Music

  • Live Performance Audio

  • 26 units

  • 19 units

  • 25 units